A breast lift is the process of lifting the breasts by removing the excess skin and tightening the local tissue to give the breast its new form.

The breast lifting process also prevents the condition of enlarged areola that may be seen over time. The process results in a better and younger body figure as your chest profile is restored.

By aging and other natural reasons, the breasts may become saggy. By breast lifting, not only the sagging problem will be fixed, but also it will ensure more attractive and aesthetic look. With the new improved form, bras and swimsuits will fit much better and help the patient carry them confidently.

To achieve the younger and natural looking breast form, the excess skin will be removed, the breast tissue will be restated and the nipple will be lifted into a forward position. As a result, your breast will look young, natural and attractive.

Every operation comes with a risk. Eventhough unavoidable complications may occur, serious complications are quite rare with this operation. This article aims to give you general information about the operation in question. In order to make the correct decision, we highly recommend you to make a detailed research about possible risks and complication of the procedure. Please note that complications occur more frequently with patients who are obese, smoke, and have a history of lung or other chronic underlying medical conditions.

Smokers have a higher risk of post operative healing problems and expected to be less immune to infection. Smokers also are more likely to suffer operative and post operative bleeding. It is strongly advised for patients to stop smoking for two weeks before and after surgery. Eventhough this may help, please note that, stopping to smoke for short period of time will not be enough to eliminate risks of long term smoking. Smoking also has a contrary effect on the skin.