With the effect of time, gravity and usage of mimic, wrinkles and sagging start to appear on the face. With face lift operation, it is possible to remove wrinkles from the face and the patient can have a 5 to 10 years younger look. The face lift operations are painless and can be applied easily.

During the face lift operation, the wrinkles are removed and the sagging of skin is repaired. The operation aims to give the patient a younger look and a healthier appearance. It is crucial that the operation must be performed by a skilled doctor for best results.

In face lift operation, the doctor cuts the skin from both back and front points of the ear and submandibular area. The excessive and sagging skin is removed before restiching. As the stiches are just at the edge of hairline, the scars are not visible for most of the times and may be covered by make up. The patient is expected to recover within a month. Although there may be exceptions, it is quite rare that the patient might require a second operation.

As almost every operation, face lift carries the risks of post operation such as scar, hematoma, infection, damaged nerves, etc.

Every operation comes with a risk. Eventhough unavoidable complications may occur, serious complications are quite rare with this operation. This article aims to give you general information about the operation in question. In order to make the correct decision, we highly recommend you to make a detailed research about possible risks and complication of the procedure. Please note that complications occur more frequently with patients who are obese, smoke, and have a history of lung or other chronic underlying medical conditions.

Smokers have a higher risk of post operative healing problems and expected to be less immune to infection. Smokers also are more likely to suffer operative and post operative bleeding. It is strongly advised for patients to stop smoking for two weeks before and after surgery. Eventhough this may help, please note that, stopping to smoke for short period of time will not be enough to eliminate risks of long term smoking. Smoking also has a contrary effect on the skin.